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Move to Improve Signage at Midlothian Stations

Rail users have welcomed moves to improve signage at Midlothian stations where, it’s been claimed, arrival information for visitors is ‘not up to scratch’.



A spokesperson for the Borders Railway Community Partnership (BRCP) said:- ‘We’re delighted with the proposed upgrade which will do much to heighten the travel experience for people arriving at Eskbank, Gorebridge, Newtongrange and Shawfair’.

Scotrail has accepted the outcome of a Midlothian Council audit and both bodies are consideringa signage makeover at  all four stations. 

The intention is that notice boards will be altered to give accurate information on how to reach town centres and  attractions like Dalkeith Country Park. Other onward travel options will be highlighted.

Priority is favoured for Midlothian’s busiest station, Eskbank, where clearer directions will be posted  about connecting bus services while user-friendly maps will be put up at Gorebridge and Newtongrange.

The new arrangements will complement and support electronic touch-screens installed recently which offer real-time information about surrounding areas. 

The BRCP spokesperson added:- ‘Our observations are that signage fell short of hopes voiced on opening of the Borders Line last September. Notices were just not up to scratch. We look forward to the gap being closed in the near future’.

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