About the Community Partnership

The Borders Railway Community Partnership’s role will natulrally evolve over time, our initial aims are:- 

Aim 1: Improve sustainable access options to stations

We will look at ways to improve cycling and walking access to stations and seek ways to improve general accessibility to stations. Working with train and bus operators and the local councils, we will seek to improve bus / train integration. This will include encouraging the coordination of bus and train timetables and the location of bus stops next to railway stations (or signposting where not practicable).

Aim 2: Improve equal access options to stations

We will look at ways to make stations fully accessible to people with any kind of disability. We will work with community transport services and providers to seek opportunities to improve access from remote areas for those, particularly elderly and disabled individuals, who do not have access to a car.

Aim 3: Improve awareness and promote the region by rail

We will seek ways to promote travel to / from and through the area by rail, by both those who live here and visitors to the area. With bus / rail operators and South East Scotland Regional Transport Partnership (SEStran) we will look at the opportunities for integrated tickets for public transport across the region. Working with local businesses, we will encourage offers / discounts to visitor attractions, restaurants, etc. across the area. We will ensure that effective information for travel to local onward destinations is provided in all stations. To complement station information, we will develop an informative Borders Railway Community Partnership website.

Aim 4: Improve station environments and facilities 

We will seek opportunities to improve and expand the facilities on offer at train stations, support the network of station adopters to keep our stations looking beautiful, and seek to improve the links from stations to town centres.

Aim 5: Provide information to encourage use of the Railway 

We will maximise the provision of useful information at stations on the Borders Railway and throughout the ScotRail network, and online, to encourage people to come to Midlothian and the Borders to live, work, play and enjoy.


The Borders Railway Community Partnership (Community Partnership) is a not for profit organisation that has the purpose of serving your community.
The Borders Railway is for you - so have your say and help shape its future by contacting The Borders Railway Community Partnership.

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